Each of our employees here at Vaishali Gems are responsible to ensure that the diamonds are perfect, symmetrical and at par to the demands of the market. All of our artisans are skilled in the crafts of sorting, planning, sawing, shaping and polishing the diamonds to perfection. We always ensure that the diamonds in question are cut and polished the way it is expected to be, this is how we have earned ourselves a reputation in the market.


Rough Assortment & Planning & Cleaving

A gemstone’s journey to becoming a diamond begins from this stage. After rough diamonds are received at our facility, every stone is sorted or categorized according to its unique characteristics of carat, colour and clarity. Our expert sorters assess the potential of each rough and separate potentially flawless diamonds from lesser gems.

Planning is one of the key processes in analysing how the diamond would exactly look like as the end product. Our diamond planners technically visualize all the possibilities before marking the final shape, size, and weight of each gemstone. Natural facets like minor inclusions are creatively planned to enhance or add value to the diamond’s beauty. In the next step–cleaving–rough is divided into pieces to be finished as separate gems.

Blade Sawing & Laser

Gemstone marked by the planners is then cut into 2 pieces with either Blade or Laser Sawing. Both the processes are widely used demanding a specific skill. Evolving with the technological advancements, Vaishali Gems has incorporated Laser, making the process of sawing extremely precise and efficient.


Grading & Assortment Polish

Polished diamonds are then sent for grading and segregation. As per the size, colour, clarity, and value, diamonds are segregated into certified and non-certified. Our expert graders apply set of proven processes with microscopic examination and evaluate 4 C’s of each diamond before dispatching them to diamond certification agencies. During scrutiny, if any diamond doesn’t meet the benchmarks then it is returned for cutting and polishing. From rough to the finished product, our aim is to overwhelm each customer with an absolute excellence.