our journey



This is the start of our long cherished journey. Our company’s founder, late Mr. Hardasbhai Patoliya, along with his two brothers, laid the foundation for what was to become one of the world’s biggest diamond manufacturing and trading company that h as operations all across the world.


These were the years when we started aggressively expanding overseas. This was the time when we set up offices in USA, Hong Kong, China, Belgium and Dubai, providing the best services to each and every one of our clients. This was the time we gradually went from being a small company based in India to becoming a multi-national company.


During this period was when the management of the company was changed from the elders to the younger generation. This bought in a new sense of vigour, professionalism and flexibility to the entire operations of the company. In 2007 we started to provide diamonds with GIA/IGI certificates. In 2010, we started to participate in national and international trade shows. This is also the year when the Government of India recognized Vaishali gems as an exporter of diamonds.


Despite the fluctuations of market demands, we have been working round the clock and throughout the year to ensure that we can always better our diamonds for the changing demands of the market. This is a continuous process which we are undertaking to ensure that we always have the right products that are demanded by our customers.