Each of our employees here at Vaishali Gems are responsible to ensure that the diamonds are perfect, symmetrical and at par to the demands of the market. All of our artisans are skilled in the crafts of sorting, planning, sawing, shaping and polishing the diamonds to perfection. We always ensure that the diamonds in question are cut and polished the way it is expected to be, this is how we have earned ourselves a reputation in the market.


Grading System


At Vaishali Gems, we grade each diamond so that it is easier for our customers to know exactly what they are buying. Though there are many grading certifications available in the market, we grade our diamonds using an in-built sophisticated grading system which allows us to exert greater control over our manufacturing process and eventually ensuring that we give our customers the best quality in diamonds.

why us

With so many options available to you to get your diamonds, one question that arises is why should we buy diamonds from you? Here is what makes Vaishali Gems stand out from the rest

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  • Ethically sourced and certified diamonds
  • Online transactions
  • Dedicated sales manager
  • Mobile Application (Android/iOS)
  • Bulk Discount
  • Global Presence

new arrivel stock 25 pcs

stoneID shape Weight Color Clarity Cut Polish Symm Flu Lab RAP Disc. Price/Crt
37229-GD ROUND 0.600 J SI1 EX EX VG NON GIA 2400.00 -43.80 1348.80
37363-GB ROUND 0.700 G SI1 VG EX GD NON GIA 4100.00 -50.80 2017.20
40813-GB ROUND 0.700 F SI1 VG VG GD NON GIA 4300.00 -52.10 2059.70
45841-GE ROUND 0.400 H SI1 EX EX EX NON GIA 2100.00 -43.60 1184.40
45911-GC1 ROUND 0.500 G SI1 VG VG GD NON GIA 3200.00 -50.60 1580.80
47643-GC ROUND 0.700 G SI1 VG VG GD NON GIA 4100.00 -51.80 1976.20
49493-GC ROUND 0.500 G SI1 VG VG GD NON GIA 3200.00 -49.30 1622.40
54090-GD ROUND 0.350 I SI1 EX EX VG STG GIA 1700.00 -48.40 877.20
55271-GC ROUND 0.700 G SI1 GD VG GD FNT GIA 4100.00 -53.70 1898.30
56230-GEX ROUND 0.700 H SI1 VG VG GD MED GIA 3800.00 -50.90 1865.80
57759-GE ROUND 0.500 H VS2 VG VG GD NON GIA 3300.00 -45.00 1815.00
58614-GFF ROUND 0.600 J SI1 VG VG GD MED GIA 2400.00 -44.20 1339.20
59028-GE ROUND 0.500 J SI1 VG EX VG NON GIA 2400.00 -44.40 1334.40
62988-GFF ROUND 0.500 G SI1 FR VG GD NON GIA 3200.00 -57.80 1350.40
62990-GEW ROUND 0.700 H SI1 GD EX VG FNT GIA 3800.00 -52.10 1820.20
64260-GC ROUND 0.500 J SI1 VG EX GD FNT GIA 2400.00 -45.50 1308.00
64407-GD ROUND 0.510 J SI1 EX EX EX NON GIA 2400.00 -42.10 1389.60
65052-GD ROUND 0.310 J VS2 EX EX EX NON GIA 1600.00 -41.60 934.40
67675-GF ROUND 0.500 G SI1 GD GD FR MED GIA 3200.00 -56.00 1408.00
68116-GD ROUND 0.510 J VVS2 EX EX EX NON GIA 2700.00 -43.00 1539.00
65622-GBW CS 1.010 J VVS1 - VG VG NON GIA 4500.00 -55.50 2002.50
101309-IB ROUND 0.520 F SI2 EX EX VG NON IGI 2700.00 -55.20 1209.60
56385-GBX ROUND 0.500 G SI1 EX EX EX NON GIA 3200.00 -40.00 1920.00
63641-GBW ROUND 0.500 G SI1 EX EX EX NON GIA 3200.00 -38.40 1971.20
100969-ICC ROUND 0.510 G SI2 EX VG VG NON IGI 2600.00 -56.00 1144.00



We, at Vaishali gems, are a company that believes in the long run. We are a diamond manufacturer and trader of the best quality of diamonds available in the market. We want to bring people together with our business.

Established by Mr Hardashbhai Patoliya in 1975, Vaishali Gems has gradually earned itself a reputation in the market when it comes to the manufacture and trade of polished diamonds for domestic and export use. Headquartered in Mumbai, the diamond cutting and manufacturing facilities are located in Surat, Gujarat.

To ensure the best quality in our manufacturing processes, we use state of the art machinery to process our diamonds. Our skilled employees are experts in ensuring that the diamonds are polished as per market expectations.

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fair & events

At Vaishali Gems, we aim to spread our wings all throughout the world. For this, we participate in many national and international exhibitions and events held throughout the year. Here, we interact with new clients and other business owners who are interested in our products. We come to know what the trends in the market are and what we need to do to stay at par with market trends. This is a time when we get to learn a lot. We at Vaishali Gems are always looking forward to participate and meeting with customers’ at large trade fairs organised annually.